Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar Install Tech Sheet
2000 GTI GLX by Joe Lucchio

BEFORE                                 AFTER

The following describes the steps necessary to install a Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar in a Mark IV GTI GLX.  I have included pictures to help with the install. The instructions that came with the bar are excellent - especially the diagrams on the back of the sheet.  I chose the 25mm rear bar to compliment the 23mm front bar which is standard on all 2000 and 2001 GTI's and Jetta's, as well as those cars with the factory Sports Suspension Option.

First of all, you need the right tools.  You will need the following:

First of all - jack up the car and support it on a good set of jackstands. Note: Some cars have a hydraulic damper/balance weight in the middle of the torsion beam. There are two hex bolts that hold it in place.
They are show in the picture below.

You will have to remove these bolts and replace them with the button bolts provided by Neuspeed. Once you remove the bolts - remove the balance weight.  It comes right off.  That's it in the picture below.

Place the balance weight in a vise and use the 8mm 1.25 pitch tap to clean out the holes. Replace the balance weight and use the blue loctite on the button bolts provided and tighten them with the 5mm hex bit.

Now - take each of the two red bushings and liberally coat the inside of the bushings with the special clear grease supplied with the bar and put them on the bar at the end of the straight part, right before the bend.

Using the new brackets, hold the bar in place, centered between the shock mounts. Hook the bottom end of the bracket on the torsion beam and push the bracket back until it snaps into place. Do both sides and then adjust to further center the bar by sliding each bracket on the beam. Once you have it centered, bolt the clamp locks to the upper part of the torsion bar using the 13mm wrench on the top and the 13mm socket and extension to tighten the nut. Make sure that the short side of the clamp fits flat against the edge of the beam.

The end links are in two pieces. Coat the lower piece threads with anti-seize and screw on the lock nut and then screw it on to the upper link piece. The diagram included with the instructions is very helpful. Adjust them so they are equal in length. I had about 4 threads showing above the lock nut. The legnth of the link will differ depending on what location on the bar you use.  I used the middle location so I adjusted them to as short as I could make them. Do not tighten the locknut until you install the links.

Place the floor jack under the lower spring perch on the torsion beam with just enough force to hold it in place so the beam does not drop when you remove the lower shock bolt. Remove the lower shock bolts with the 17mm socket and wrench and replace them with the new 80mm bolts supplied with the bar. The bolt head goes on the outside and then place a washer on the bolt on the inside of the link. The non-threaded portion of the link goes on top. Repeat on the other side.

Almost done - take the 50mm bolts and slide em through the end of the bar in one of the three holes - I used the middle, the front makes it stiffer, the rear makes it softer. Place washer between the link and the bar. Using the 17mm socket and wrench tighten the bolts. When your done, it should look like this:

The last step is tightening the locknut on the link. Do not overtighten- which is easy to do because of the anti-seize on the threads. RECHECK all the bolts and tighten as necessary. The finished product looks like this:

All in all this took me 45 minutes from start to finish, including taking pics. You should be able to do this in about 30 minutes. Good Luck.