Panasonic DP801 8-Disc CD Changer Install

By: Joe Lucchio

The following describes the steps necessary to install a Panasonic DP801 8-Disc changer in a Mk.IV Golf/GTI. I have included pictures to help with the install. The install is pretty straight forward. You do need an adapter if you are using the factory headunit. The adapter that I received was the Peripheral Interface Components VWPIL8a.
Note: The Panasonic Changer DOES NOT work with the factory in dash CD Player!

First of all, you need the right tools. You will need the following:

The first step is to install the PIL adapter. I chose to mount it to the factory bracket. To do so, open the hole on the tab on the adapter slightly to accommodate the bolt. Attach the adapter and plug the black plug from the adapter into the factory plug. Make sure you attach the plug correctly - matching the pin numbers on the side of the plug on the adapter with those of the factory plug.

The mounting brackets included with the changer need to be modified slightly to attach in the correct position for mounting the changer in the factory location in the side panel of the hatch. Use the 5/32 bit and drill a hole in the bracket, just below the existing hole in the location shown. Set the selector on the side to "H" for the horizontal mounting position.

You will also want to drill the 7/32" hole in the front of each bracket (as shown below) right in the middle of each bracket. After you have drilled all four holes attach each bracket to he changer as shown above, with the "L" of the bracket facing outward.

Once the brackets are attached to the changer, place the changer in the position as shown and use the two 8mm bolts and washers to attach the changer to the factory mount. The factory mount has two small threaded holes at 70 pitch.

It took me about an hour to install the changer. I figure if everything goes well, you should be able to install the changer in a little over a half an hour. You should also note that the 2000 Model Year cars need to be programmed before the changer will operate.

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