Neuspeed Upper Strut Bar Install FAQ
2000 GTI GLX

By Joe Lucchio


The following describes the steps necessary to install a Neuspeed Upper Strut Bar in a Mark IV GTI GLX. I have included pictures to help with the install. The instructions that came with the bar are excellent.
First of all, you need the right tools.
You will need the following:

I suggest cleaning each strut tower first and placing the bar on each tower in the location which you are going to install it. I had someone hold the bar in place and marked all four holes. Since my car is black, I used a dab of yellow paint to mark the hole locations. After checking the alignment twice. Center punch to the two marked locations.

Use the 7/32" bit and drill the pilot holes on one of the strut towers. I then drilled the 3/8" holes on one of the strut tower - one at a time, checking the alignment. I checked each hole by inserting one of the nutserts in the hole to make sure the hole was the right diameter. I then used the touch up paint to paint the drilled holes and a hair dryer to dry the paint.

Insert a nutsert in one of the holes (if you have inserted the nutsert correctly - the threads are about 3/8" below the top of the nutsert) and used the tool included with the bar to install the nutsert using the 9/16" open ended wrench and 7/16" socket. You can tell the nutsert has been "installed" correctly when the threads of the nutsert are almost completely flush with the top of the nutsert. I installed one end of the bar and checked the holes on the other strut tower. I then repeated the process on the other strut tower.

Unfortunately the two holes on the second tower didn't quite line up. I "opened" the wholes on the strut tower bar slightly to make up the difference and installed the bar. I used the torque wrench to torque each nut to 12lbs.

Overall, it took me about 1.5 hours to install the bar. I took my time, and rechecked everything, not to mention taking pics along the way. I figure if everything goes well, you should be able to install the bar in a little over an hour.

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